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The gift industry trends

  gift, that is refers to people Zhijian each other gift of items, small series here introduced about domestic gift industry development trend:
1, and market open of
gift market open has, like rongshida electrical of profile into, beauty of began looking for gift industry within manufacturers cooperation gift channel and so on, are shows with gift market socialization of process in rapid of across. Please don't forget of is, gift channel squeeze into has so more social big, market is enough big of, But not put channel into channel, certainly immediately indigestion, even expansion broken belly. so said, market open of of degree not decided Yu into who of brand or strong degree, key is is improve has big wholesale link and directly sales link of sales level, which in into battlefield of when must to care good himself of partners, dredge himself of channel.
2, and brand socialization
gift industry brand to social brand excessive, has shouted has good years has, But due to gift industry enterprise itself based and capital distribution situation, brand socialization most time into has talk, now, industry within sales degrees over 200 million of increasingly more, marketing mode in taste again herbs zhihou are has has their mature of mode, again plus market open has, whole industry of social recognized degrees upgrade has, future 3 years within achieved brand socialization only real became reality. gift enterprise in achieved brand socialization of road certainly has himself trick, need we note of is, future 3 years among, Will formed new of industry within brand separatist matrix.
3, and cooperation integration
upstream Division professional has, market open has, brand strengthening has, on requirements enterprise and downstream of cooperation partners close degree to strengthening has, which as manufacturers from policy to service are is around sales chain design has, grasp good each node, channel to stable, to smooth, to has common of growth.