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Principles of selection of promotional gifts

  selected faces different problems as well as promotional gifts, from a general point of view, to follow the following principles:
1, practical principles. promotional gifts practical mainly for consumer gift value, generally based on consumer products support most popular gifts, such as consumer appliances, gifts tableware and kitchen products consumer pregnancy baby gifts, On can directly gift pregnancy baby books or children supplies. such can let consumers better of experience to promotions gifts brings of practical.
2, and value perceptual principles. value sense principles need grasp right, gifts of value sense low, on consumers up not to attract role, up not to promotions of real role. value sense high, increased consumption cost, while also will let consumers produced questioned.
3, and good of emotional sex. good of emotional sex gifts, General used convenient easy carrying of gifts, General gifts volume easily caused not necessary of burden. Select these emotional sex of promotions gift, let consumers was Enterprise everywhere for customer sake, to consumers left good impression.
4, and creative novelty principles. creative novelty of promotions gift always attract consumers of eye, in selected these promotions gifts of when, must to grasp products of creative sex, can mobilization consumers of purchase desire.
5, and quality sex principles. quality sex principles General makes most consumers identity, Let consumers favored. such of promotions gift must to avoid select fake products, because these promotions gift directly will damage enterprise in consumers heart of image, eventually caused on Enterprise brand image of down. like Amway products General select brand quality clearance of products, can is good of attract most stable customer, to on consumers brings must of satisfaction degrees, can full accurate show brand of concept.
6, and seasonal principles. seasonal principles General is in purchase promotions gift of while, To attention seasonal of changes, meet seasonal of promotions gift can for consumers brings senses attract, or will let consumers bored promotions gift, think these gifts belongs to extra products.
7, and repeat sex principles. only let consumers often witnessed promotions supplies and the by contains advertising words, to constantly deepened impression. so, selection promotions supplies Shi, should consider to consumers will how using they. using or contact of frequency more high, "repeat" role on will more big.

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